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4 Top FAQ on Pool Pump Strainers February 12, 2019

Fishkill, Dutchess
4 Top FAQ on Pool Pump Strainers , Fishkill, New York

Swimming pools require many components to maintain full functionality. Each one has specific maintenance needs and performs a unique service that ensures the entire pool is ready for use. The pool pump strainer is one such part. Here are four questions that homeowners often have about this small but essential feature. 

4 FAQ About Pool Pumps & Strainers

What is a pool pump strainer or basket? 

The strainer is the section of the pump that acts as a filter. Made from a fine mesh material, it captures any loose debris as the water cycles through the system. You can usually find the basket under a circular lid located on the top of the pool pump’s housing assembly.

How do I clean or maintain it?

pool pumpMake sure to turn the motor off before attempting any form of cleaning or maintenance. Release the pressure and turn the clamp to open the lid so that you can clear out the debris. Rinse off the basket and check for cracks before resealing. If there’s any visible damage, it’s time for a replacement. When the pool’s in use, you should complete this task on a weekly basis so that there’s no chance of the strainer becoming clogged.

What happens if the strainer doesn’t function properly?

The swimming pool will gradually become dirty. If there’s any sign of a blockage at the basket, your water appears cloudy, or the pump is making noise, you should have it inspected by a professional.

Are there any safety risks?

Keep your children’s little hands and feet away from the filtration vents along the side of the pool. These openings present the possibility of entrapment and could result in injury. Make sure your pool pump’s electrical wiring is properly covered and plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.


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