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Unwanted Body Hair? 3 Reasons to Choose Men's Waxing Over Shaving February 14, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Unwanted Body Hair? 3 Reasons to Choose Men's Waxing Over Shaving , Manhattan, New York

For the modern man, grooming is a vital part of daily life. Yet one of the biggest obstacles for many individuals is unwanted body hair. To achieve a smooth, hair-free surface on your chest, back, legs, or arms, you have to main options: waxing and shaving. Here's a closer look at why men's waxing is the better choice.

3 Benefits of Choosing Men's Waxing Over Shaving

1. Avoid Unsightly Cuts & Razor Burn

Even the most experienced shaver is susceptible to nicks. Not only are these cuts noticeable, but they can also cause scarring to the skin's surface. Additionally, the direct blade-to-skin contact creates negative side effects in the days following shaving, including razor burn and ingrown hairs. With wax removal, the skin is protected from laceration by eliminating the need for a blade.

2. Achieve a Smooth-Finish for Longermen's waxing

A men's waxing treatment pulls the hairs up from the roots instead of cutting them off at the surface. When the hair grows back, it has the additional below-skin length to cover, which takes it longer to reach the surface. As a result, you maintain a hair-free area for around three to six weeks — substantially longer than the one to three days of post-shave regrowth.

3. Save Valuable Time

Your time is valuable, but unfortunately, shaving is time-consuming. For some men, the process is required daily to maintain results. Thankfully, waxing specialists complete the hair removal process in a matter of minutes. So, not only do you enjoy the benefits of longer time between treatments, but your initial time investment is less with waxing.


Want to get rid of body hair? Achieve a well-groomed finish with the efficient men's waxing services at New Paradise Men's Spa in New York City. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, the spa offers three styles of hair removal, including traditional waxing, sugaring, and trimming. Learn more about their men's spa and skin care treatments online, and then schedule your appointment by calling (646) 559-1621.

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