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The Do’s & Don’ts of Preventing a Kitchen Fire While Cooking February 13, 2019

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Preventing a Kitchen Fire While Cooking, Scottsboro, Alabama

If you’re new to cooking and navigating around the kitchen, the experience can be exciting but a bit intimidating. After all, you’re thrilled at the idea of learning to prepare delicious meals, yet the possibility of starting a fire may cause some trepidation. The encouraging news is there are several preventative steps you can take to help minimize accidents. Home insurance professionals suggest the following do’s and don’ts.


Keep appliances unplugged if you’re not using them.

Microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers are some of the most common appliances that remain plugged in, even if you’re not using them. Unplugging appliances can help reduce the chances of a kitchen fire. If the wiring is faulty, plugged-in items can trigger flames, smokes and cause extensive and costly damage. As a safety precaution, have your home’s electrical wiring and outlets inspected periodically for any defects.

Clean up grease, oil, & other spills that could ignite a fire.

Home insurance agents say one of the most common causes of kitchen fires is overheated oil. A spill near a hot stove or oven can quickly lead to an out-of-control fire. Take the time to thoroughly wipe up any grease, oil, alcohol-based products and other flammable ingredients that may ignite near hot cooking appliances.


Use metal & aluminum foil in the microwave.

home insuranceThe electromagnetic radiation in microwaves heats up water molecules in food so that you end up with a warm and tasty dish. Unfortunately, the molecules in metal items and aluminum foil become trapped, heat up very fast and can cause an explosion and fire. Be sure to read the labels on food containers to ensure that they are microwave-safe.

Leave food cooking on the stove or oven unattended.

Home insurance professionals say this is another common cause for house fires. You go to answer the phone and forget about the oil to fry chicken, which has started to overheat. Or, boiling water has evaporated and caused a pot to burn. Never leave food cooking unattended. Always double check the stove and oven to ensure they are completely off after you’ve finished preparing meals.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to improve your cooking skills, enjoy the learning but be safe along the way. While no one ever wants a fire to occur, having a home insurance policy in place can offer peace of mind. For 32 years, Goggans Insurance in Scottsboro, AL, has proudly served the area by offering affordable and reliable coverage to individuals and commercial business owners. The independent agency works with some of the nation’s leading carriers to bring you budget-friendly policies designed to meet your unique insurance needs. If you’re in the market for new coverage or would like a review of an existing policy, call (256) 574-3440 today. Visit the website to request a free, no-obligation insurance quote and learn about the agency’s full lineup of products.

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