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Why Aren't My Car Doors Opening? February 19, 2019

South Marketview Heights, Rochester
Why Aren't My Car Doors Opening?, Rochester, New York

In the midst of your hectic morning routine, finally getting out the door and in the car can feel like a bit of a triumph. Therefore, being unable to open your vehicle’s doors would be a dreaded surprise. If you find yourself in a car lockout scenario, use the following guide to learn what might be happening.

3 Reasons Why Your Car Doors Might Not Be Opening

1. Faulty Car Lock Actuator

If you didn’t lose your keys or forget the electronic code to your car, it’s easy to feel frustrated and confused. However, this car lockout situation may not be your fault at all—the door lock actuator could be broken. This electric device transmits signals to your car locks, telling them to open or close if you enter the right code or use the right key. However, if this line of communication is lost, you won’t be able to get in the driver’s seat.

2. Excess Friction

car lockoutYour car doors are designed to fit tightly within the rest of the auto body—that’s how they keep out excessive noise, wind, rain, and other hazards. However, if these puzzle-like metal pieces aren’t adequately lubricated, they could jam and refuse to open at all. If you’ve noticed your doors gradually becoming squeakier or harder to close in the days leading up to your car lockout, a lack of lubrication is probably the issue.

3. Broken Handles

Another reason for your doors’ immobility might not be the door at all, but the handle. Car doors are designed to only open once the handle is properly triggered, so if this component is broken, the doors will remain shut. If your handles have been feely loose, fragile, or hard to use lately, you may need auto repairs.


If you’re the victim of a car lockout, get in touch with Alliance Collision of Rochester, NY, today. They have over 70 years of experience helping area drivers get back on the road. Whether you need emergency roadside assistance or a routine oil change, call them at (585) 232-2390 to get help fast. You can also visit their website to learn more about this trusted 24-hour team.

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