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To Figure Out The Ventilation Requirements of Your Roofing, Use These Tips From JC Home Roofs and Sidings July 16, 2015

Kew Gardens, Queens
To Figure Out The Ventilation Requirements of Your Roofing, Use These Tips From JC Home Roofs and Sidings, Queens, New York

When you own a house, roof ventilation is crucial to making sure your home not only stays cooler in the summer months, but also so you can keep out structure damaging moisture in the winter. Before you even decide what kind of ventilation you want, you first must find out how much of it you need, this is what is known as your ventilation requirements. To help you out, JC Home Roofs and Sidings in Kew Gardens, NY, have provided these simple calculations:

  • First, determine the square footage of your attic: Measure the length and the width of the area and then multiply those two numbers together. That is your initial number.
  • Next, find out what your net free area needs to be: The net free area is the total amount of unobstructed space through which the vents let air in and out. The minimum requirement is one square foot of vent space for each 150 square feet of attic so simply divide your square footage number by 150. That is your net free area.
  • Then, calculate how much intake and exhaust space you will want: Intake vents will let air in, while the exhaust vents will cycle it out. Divide your original net free area calculation to know how much you’ll need of each.
  • Lastly, convert it all to square inches: Since vents are usually installed by the square inch, take the number either the exhaust or intake number and multiply it by 144. Now, you’ll be able to take your calculations and figure out what kind of system you want.image

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