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3 Benefits of Growing Up With Pets February 13, 2019

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3 Benefits of Growing Up With Pets, Clarksville, Maryland

For many adults, some of the fondest memories of childhood involve times spent with beloved family pets. As a parent, if you’re considering pet adoptions, you might be wondering how a new companion will benefit your family. Before you head to a shelter or animal hospital, here are a few advantages to keep in mind.

How Growing Up With Pets Benefits Children

1. Improves Socialization Skills

Kids who are lonely, shy, or have trouble communicating can benefit greatly from having a pet in the family. Pet adoptions provide children with furry friends who can keep them company, listen to their troubles, and provide them with unconditional love. Teaching kids to care for animals helps them learn the power of empathy and compassion — important traits that can transfer to their interactions with peers and others.

2. Teaches Responsibility

Columbia pet adoptionsHaving pets in the family helps kids learn the meaning of responsibility. Even very young children can be included in pet care tasks such as feeding and bathing so they begin to understand that their pet depends on people for its needs. Older kids can accompany you when you bring your animal to a pet clinic for basic veterinary care, which teaches them the importance of attending to the medical needs of another living creature.

3. Increases Physical Activity

Playing with a pet is a fun, effective way for children to learn about the pleasures of exercise. Whether it means engaging a cat in entertaining indoor games, or taking a dog to a local park to play fetch, pet adoptions help kids experience the enjoyment of moving their bodies. Learning these habits early provides a lifetime of health benefits, as children can carry their love of physical activity into adulthood.


Pet adoptions can benefit animals as well as your kids. If you’re ready to add a furry friend to the family, turn to Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia in Howard County, MD. In addition to pet adoptions, the animal hospital offers comprehensive pet care services, including spaying and neutering, pet dentistry, dog boarding, and cat boarding. Visit their website to learn more about these offerings, or call (410) 995-6880 today to ask about the adoption process. 

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