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5 Ways to Show Off Small Rooms When Selling a House February 13, 2019

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5 Ways to Show Off Small Rooms When Selling a House, Hastings, Nebraska

A huge part of selling a house is making it look its best. Smaller rooms are common in older real estate listings, when open floor plans and larger spaces weren’t as popular as they are now. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make small bedrooms look larger, which will the home more desirable overall.

Staging Guide to Maximizing Small Rooms

1. Downsize the Bed

Even an average room will look small with a king-size bed in it. Place a smaller bed, such as a queen or a double, to add some extra real estate around the edges of the frame. Twin beds can be also placed in rooms staged as a child’s bedroom. Place the mattress on a minimalist, non-bulky frame to take up as little visual space as possible.

2. Lighten It Up

A bright space seems larger. Let in natural light by taking the screens off of windows and keeping curtains or blinds open. Paint the walls a light color such as beige, cream, or light gray with a cheerful white trim.

3. Minimize Furniture

selling a houseWhen selling a house, too much furniture will instantly make a space feel crowded. Minimize other furniture and keep only the essentials visible. A small dresser and small seating area may fit in a particular space. If it doesn’t, just stick to a bed and nightstands. 

4. De-Clutter

Agents recommend renting a storage unit when selling a house so you have a place to store your extra items. Take out everything that isn’t wall decor or necessary for living in the home. At least one third of the space in the bedroom closets should be empty to give the illusion that even your smaller rooms have plenty of storage.

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors instantly open up a space; they reflect the room back at you, making it feel twice as large. Choose frameless or minimally framed mirrors for the best results. If the room feels dark, place the mirror opposite a window or light fixture to reflect light back into the room.


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