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5 Spring Sewing Projects to Start Now February 12, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
5 Spring Sewing Projects to Start Now, Kalispell, Montana

Even though the weather is still cold outside, spring is on the way. As soon as it's warm enough, you should take advantage of the sun and the pleasant weather with airy clothes, cute accessories, and cheerful springtime housewares and furnishings. Break out the sewing machine and try these ideas to get yourself and your home ready.

5 Sewing Projects to Start Before the Spring

1. New Curtains

As the first step in your spring cleaning project, you can get rid of any worn or faded curtains and replace them with cute, brightly colored window treatments. Curtains are one of the simplest items to sew, with only straight seams involved, and the right print can really brighten your home.

2. Springy Sundresses

It's not just your windows which will look gorgeous in sunshine colors and soft florals. A new sundress is a fun way to celebrate warm weather and also deceptively simple to sew: All you need are two shoulder straps, a simple fabric cylinder, and a drawstring or elastic waist. For extra fun, add details like lace, ribbon, or beads to the bottom hem.

3. Outdoor Pillows

SewingIf you're serious about getting out in the sun, you can go in style. Outdoor pillows are comfortable and fashionable. While you can choose weatherproof materials, it's also fine to make it the same as a normal pillow and just keep it inside or on the porch when it rains.

4. Bag or Clutch

Whether it's a new purse, a lunch bag, a makeup kit, or a coin purse, sewing a new bag is a quick way to personalize any outfit. You can focus on simple shapes with interesting fabric or try something a little more challenging with a bag in the shape of a heart or flower.

5. Lighter Blankets

If you've been sleeping under a heavy duvet all winter, it's time to pack it into the closet. Lighter blankets for your bed can be as straightforward as some fuzzy fabric with a straight hem or as complex as an intricate quilt.


For sewing lessons and supplies to help you with these projects, visit The Sewing Center in Kalispell, MT. For over 30 years, they've helped clients at every skill level create beautiful, personalized projects which brighten homes throughout Flathead County. Their knowledgeable staff, wide selection of brands, and skilled sewing machine repairs set them apart. For questions about their schedule, call (406) 752-7058 or send an inquiry online.

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