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How Often Should I Wash My Clothes? February 14, 2019

Belmont, Lincoln
How Often Should I Wash My Clothes?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Many people have a tendency to toss all their clothing into the laundry hamper after one wear. However, that’s not always necessary and may be costing you both time and money. The guide below looks at different kinds of apparel and how often washing is necessary.


Underwire and casual bras should be washed after being worn on two to three occasions—or more frequently if you sweat a lot. Launder sports bras after every wear to promote healthy skin and reduce the potential for issues caused by exposure to bacteria.


Most people should launder their shirts after every usage. If the item doesn’t have an odor, you may get away with wearing them longer. However, this has the potential to stretch out the clothing and make it misshapen.

Jeans laundry

Place denim in the washer after about a week. Laundering infrequently reduces the likelihood of the dye leaking and will help extend the life of the pants.


Look into the manufacturer's directions for sweaters as they are often made with material like wool and cashmere that must be dry cleaned. Cotton, acrylics, and polyester may be placed in the regular laundry after two to five occasions, depending on whether you wear it on your skin or over other clothing.


Launder hand and kitchen towels once a week and bath towels every two to three uses. By sanitizing these items, you’ll prevent the spread of germs like the common cold and salmonella. 


Changing the sheets helps maintain a healthy atmosphere in your home. Wash these linens at least once every two weeks to remove skin cells, hair, and fur that may make you sneezy and cause skin allergies.


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