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The Complete Guide to Fresh Tuna in Sushi February 11, 2019

The Complete Guide to Fresh Tuna in Sushi, Honolulu, Hawaii

For sushi enthusiasts, much of the appeal comes from the sheer variety of roll styles and combinations. Tuna is a popular ingredient and if often subcategorized into more specific types.  Fresh tuna is as healthy as it is tasty, but you may taste something different, depending on what you order. The following guide details the various types of tuna found in sushi.

What to Know About Fresh Tuna in Sushi

Maguro vs. Ahi

Although these two are usually grouped under the same label, seafood restaurants cook with several types of tuna. In particular, ahi, also known as yellowfin tuna, and maguro, or bluefin tuna, are typically found in sushi. If you’re ordering fresh tuna sushi with no specifications, you’re probably getting maguro. Ahi is less expensive, but it’s just as flavorful, while maguro is fattier and lighter in color.

Fat Content Subcategories

fresh tunaFresh tuna is also divided into subcategories according to fat content. The higher the fat content, the richer the umami flavors are. Starting on the leaner end of the spectrum is akami. This comes from the sides of the fish, and it’s the darkest and most commonly used portion of tuna in sushi. Toro comes from the belly of the tuna, and this section is further categorized into chutoro and otoro. Situated between akami and otoro, chutoro is located along the side of the belly. As the fattiest and most delicate part of the fish, the underbelly otoro is highly sought after.


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