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3 Misconceptions About Cremation February 13, 2019

Meadville, Crawford
3 Misconceptions About Cremation, Meadville, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re responsible for making arrangements on behalf of a friend or relative who has passed away or you’re preplanning your own final wishes, at some point you will need to choose between cremation or burial. Because burials are often seen as the more traditional approach, many common misconceptions have developed around the alternative option. However, understanding more about the cremation process can help you make a more informed decision, based on what works best for you and your family. To help you come to this conclusion, below are three myths about cremation demystified.

3 Common Myths About Cremation

1. Few Religions Condone It

cremationThough cremation has historically been frowned upon across numerous varieties of faith, today many religions are actually more open to the process, including Roman Catholicism. Of course, this perspective varies from religion to religion, and many faiths still hold burial as their preferred choice. However, cremation has become significantly less stigmatized. The best way to ensure this process aligns with your faith or the faith of the deceased is to speak with the religious leaders of that community.

2. It’s an Uncommon Practice

In actuality, cremation has grown in popularity on a global scale. Those who opt for this approach to handling the deceased will either keep the ashes in a special place as a memorial to their loved one, or they will scatter the ashes in a place of sentimental significance, like in a garden or at sea.

3. It’s Always Cheaper Than a Burial

The price for both processes varies greatly. Though generally speaking, cremation tends to be the more cost-effective option, it ultimately depends on how other areas of the funeral budget are dispersed. It really depends on the price of caskets versus urns, body preparation costs, and any other customizable funeral attributes you may select to effectively celebrate the life of your loved one.


If you’re looking for reputable hands to facilitate the cremation of a loved one, the helpful staff of Robert W. Waid Funeral Home, Inc. in Meadville, PA, is happy to advise you. The family-owned funeral home has provided compassionate services for more than a century. As members of Erie/Crawford County Funeral Directors Association, Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association and the National Funeral Directors Association, their offerings range from funeral preplanning to obituary writing assistance and more. Give them a call at (814) 724-1021 or visit them online for more information on their funeral services.

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