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5 Reasons to Have Board-Up Services for a Business February 18, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
5 Reasons to Have Board-Up Services for a Business, Chesterfield, Missouri

Even though your business has been damaged, you still need to keep the rest of the property secure. Board-up services are the perfect solution and offer a long list of benefits for the building. Below are the top five reasons to schedule an appointment today.

Why You Should Board Up a Business

1. Property Protection

Property damage can be devastating, but ensuring your remaining assets are protected until repairs are made will stop any further escalation. Broken windows or openings from fires or floods open your business to outside elements. Calling for board-up services strengthens the building until the next steps can be taken.

2. Theft Security

A property left vulnerable runs the risk of thieves. The last thing you want is for the building to seem like an easy or unguarded target for criminals. The best way to make it harder for burglars to gain entrance to is board up all windows and doors, including ones that may not be damaged.

3. Vandalism Safeguard

board-up servicesSometimes after a storm or a big fire, people see an opportunity to create more destruction and mayhem. If vandals see a weak spot where it is easy to enter, they might choose to trespass and cause trouble. Board-up services will prevent vandals from accessing the facility and destroying what remains.

4. Weather Shield

Inclement weather will cause further issues with an already compromised building. Protect the location from moisture by boarding up windows, doors, and roofs. If you don’t, precipitation could seep through and eventually cause a costly mold problem.

5. Critter Defense

Wildlife will seek shelter in the damaged business. Rodents can squeeze through the tiniest of holes and create nests. Critters can chew on the interiors and can leave behind droppings and other messes that will require repairs and deep cleaning later on.


If you have suffered property damage from weather, fire, or criminal activity, The Board Up Co in Chesterfield, MO, can help. Their 24-hour emergency board-up services ensure that your location is safeguarded against further trouble. They also provide temporary fencing and emergency roof tarps to shield your building from top to bottom. If you need to board up your business, call (314) 954-3200. Visit them online for a complete list of their many property offerings.


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