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4 Common Repairs for Flat Roofs February 12, 2019

Platteville, Grant
4 Common Repairs for Flat Roofs, Platteville, Wisconsin

Many commercial enterprises and smaller buildings benefit from flat roofing because it’s less expensive and easy to install. However, it’s normal to have some maintenance needs over the years, and occasional weather anomalies may cause issues that require professional attention. Here are four repairs to watch for if you have a flat roof.

Flat Roofs May Need These 4 Fixes

1. Buckling Asphalt

Often, roofing contractors seal flat roofs with asphalt membranes that reduce water issues and mitigate the effects of the sun. Changing temperatures and foundation settling may cause the material to buckle. This leaves behind pillows and divets. A contractor may remove and reseal problem areas or redo the entire roof if the buckling occurs throughout the structure.

2. Cracks

Flat roofing cracks are most likely to occur in extreme weather. Sudden temperature changes may cause the roofing to quickly expand and contract, which leads to a crack. Or, the immense weight of a snowstorm could stress the roofing and cause a tear. It’s critical to call a roofer right away in these cases, as they’ll need to address the structural integrity of the building as well as the exterior roofing. 

3. Flashing Leaks

flat roofingRoofs have flashing along the edges to mitigate the potential for water damage. Over time, this metal may pull away from the building, leaving behind gaps where moisture can leak in. Get an annual roof inspection so a contractor can assess the flashing and recommend repairs or replacement as necessary. You may have already noticed problems, such as leaks where the ceiling meets the walls. 

4. Pooling Water

Because flat roofing isn’t sloped, and therefore unable to naturally encourage water to flow away from the building, it can incur issues with standing water. If you notice puddling, contact a roofing contractor to assess the drainage system. This will ensure the water flows off the roof and away from the building’s foundation.


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