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3 Best Activities for Dementia Patients February 12, 2019

Toms River, Ocean County
3 Best Activities for Dementia Patients, Toms River, New Jersey

Dementia encompasses a highly complex and debilitating array of cognitive disorders. It can make accomplishing simple tasks challenging and discouraging. Thankfully, there are ways you and senior care professionals can mitigate your loved one’s condition by providing cognitive stimulation. Try the following recommended activities most helpful for brain health. 

Top Beneficial Activities for Dementia Patients

1. Solving Puzzles

Puzzles are accessible ways to exercise the brain. By solving a puzzle, seniors with dementia strengthen their short-term memory, improve their visual and spatial abilities, and revive their problem-solving skills. These games also build focus and keep your loved one engaged. More complex puzzles are best for the early stages of dementia. Try to keep them simple for the later stages to ensure they’re still enjoyable. Socialization is especially important for dementia patients, so have your loved one try group tasks like jigsaw puzzles. They can complete them with the help of friends, family, or a senior care professional. 

2. Playing Music

senior carePlaying music stimulates the brain and taps into your loved one’s creativity. Studies show that playing music may help individuals with dementia recall memories and emotions attached to favorite songs. It’s also something they can share with others. If your loved one enjoyed playing music, give them access to an instrument. Even if they’re eventually unable to play it, they may draw comfort from it. Recorded music or live performances are effective, as are interactive options like sing-a-longs.

3. Walking

By going for strolls with you or a senior care provider, your loved one will practice their short-term memory skills by recalling directions and places. Exercise also improves physical and mental health. They may also remember certain emotions or memories attached to places. Guide them along the walk in case they become confused, and offer them an arm or shoulder for physical balance if needed. Gated gardens are especially lovely areas to bring your loved one for fresh air, as they’ll be able to safely enjoy the sights and scents of vibrant flowers or listen to soothing birdsong. 


Visiting Angels is committed to ensuring elderly individuals and families throughout Toms River, NJ, have comprehensive senior care resources to rely on. Their compassionate staff will work closely with your loved one to improve quality of life. Offering attentive home care and meal prep throughout Ocean County, they’ll make caring for an individual with dementia easier. Call (732) 240-1050 to speak with a representative. Visit their website to learn about their services. 

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