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Top 3 Tips to Minimize Sun Glare When Driving February 18, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
Top 3 Tips to Minimize Sun Glare When Driving, Lincoln, Nebraska

While we may be grateful to the sun for many reasons, including giving us some much-needed vitamin D, it also poses several inherent dangers. Overexposure to UV light can increase our risk of wrinkles, skin damage, and even skin cancer. Meanwhile, many drivers know, bright sunlight in the early morning or late afternoon can prove a hazard on the road. The guide below offers tips, such as window tinting, for mitigating your risks during your commute.

How to Handle Bright Sunlight When Driving

1. Use Visors

All cars have visors that can be flipped down to block the sun from the front and driver’s left window. However, since its positioning is limited, you will still need to drive with caution and at lower speeds.

2. Wear the Right Sunglasses

All sunglasses aren’t made the same way and most aren’t suited for driving, let alone extreme sun glare. The best lenses have protection from UV and UVB rays, combined with polarization, an anti-glare filter to reduce reflection and increase the contrast of objects on the road.

3. Invest in Window Tinting

window tintingIf you want to block the sun’s rays even without sunglasses, you should consider installing window tinting on your car for convenience and comfort. It not only helps protect you from possible sunburn but, when applied to your rear and passenger windows, helps reduce glare from multiple directions. As an added benefit, it also diminishes the amount of UV light that can reach your upholstery, reducing sun damage and keeping your car looking its best for longer.


If sun glare has become a danger while driving, turn to Pro-Tint’s auto window tinting experts. Servicing Lancaster County, NE, for 40 years, they will help minimize sun glare, provide privacy, and reduce sun damage to your interior. Give them a call at (402) 474-1234 to schedule an appointment or visit their website to learn about their other services.

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