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How Does Your Roof Affect Insurance Premiums? February 11, 2019

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How Does Your Roof Affect Insurance Premiums?, Carrollton, Texas

The roof is like a helmet for your property. It protects the interiors from rain and snowfall, while insulating the space to keep energy costs low. Whether or not you invest in roof repairs, scheduling regular inspections and maintaining the system will impact the insurance costs on your house or commercial building. To understand why you should care for your roof, below is a look at how the system influences insurance premiums. 

What You Should Know About a Roof’s Impact on Insurance Rates 

Insurers Care About Roof Quality

If your roofing system has fallen into disrepair, it increases the risk of property damage to the rest of the building. When it snows or rains, for example, moisture seeps through vulnerable areas and causes water damage inside the house. Similarly, runoff can’t filter away from the house when gutters are cracked and corroded. Liquid spills over the channels, cascading down the sides of the house and settling at the foundation. This increases the likelihood of filing claims for foundation, siding, and roof repairs each time bad weather strikes.

Each Claim Costs the Insurer Money

Carrollton-Texas-roof-repairsBecause persistent roof problems lead to constant property damage, you’re more likely to file frequent insurance claims. This makes you a greater risk to insurers, as your repair requests cost them money each time. Because you are at high risk of filing future claims for roof repairs and additional work, an insurer will charge more for adequate coverage.     

The Type of Roof Factors Into Insurance Costs 

Insurers also take the type of system installed into account when deciding coverage terms. Some materials can withstand high winds, rainfall, and additional threats better than others, which factors into their decision. As slate, tile, and metal roofing systems are sturdy and can resist fires and pest damage, insurance rates are often lower for these types of systems. Without routine care, asphalt and wood can decay, which means you could pay more for these roofing systems. For wooden roofs in particular, an insurer might require you take additional measures for coverage. 


To keep insurance costs low, contact the certified roofing contractors at CBC Group in Carrollton, TX. With over two decades of experience, you can trust the skilled technicians to provide roof inspections, repairs, and impeccable replacement services that keep your property protected and reduce the risk of filing claims. To schedule roof repairs or installation in Carollton and the surrounding areas, call (469) 473-0035. A representative is happy to discuss features of different materials. Visit the roofers online to learn more about their qualifications.

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