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3 Common Myths About Geothermal Energy February 5, 2019

Oconto Falls, Oconto
3 Common Myths About Geothermal Energy, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

One of the many applications for well drilling is to install a geothermal heating and cooling system. Some homeowners may be vaguely aware of geothermal heat pumps and wonder how they work, but there are many myths that discourage people from considering this environmentally friendly energy source. Here’s a closer look at why scheduling well drilling to install a geothermal heat pump may be the right choice for your home.

3 Geothermal Energy Myths

Geothermal energy isn’t available everywhere.

Well drilling must be done in specific locations to gain access to groundwater. To access geothermal energy, however, you simply install pipes for the system below the frost line. For most parts of the country, this is about 4 feet below ground level, where the temperature stays at a consistent 50 degrees. 

Geothermal heat pumps waste water.

well drillingSome people mistakenly believe that geothermal heat pumps use water, but this isn’t the case. While most systems have water in the lines or loops, these are kept in a closed system that helps absorb and transport heat. As a result, modern geothermal HVAC systems can help preserve water by reducing waste during the heating process.

Geothermal systems can’t provide cooling.

You might think that a geothermal heat pump only draws heat from the ground to warm your home during the winter, but the reverse is also possible; heat can be pulled from your home and transferred into the earth during the summer. This way, you can enjoy environmentally friendly heating and cooling all year long.


If you need help with a well drilling project or geothermal system installation, make Luisier Drilling your first call. Serving Oconto County, WI, since 1936, this professional well planning and drilling team offers 10-year guarantees on their installations and is available 24/7 for emergency service. To learn more about their residential water systems and geothermal applications, visit them online or call (920) 848-5239.

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