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A Quick Guide to Green Sea Turtles February 11, 2019

Kekaha-Waimea, Kauai
A Quick Guide to Green Sea Turtles, Kekaha-Waimea, Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are a top vacation destination for snorkelers, scuba divers, and ocean life enthusiasts. Aside from the stunning coral reefs and crystal waters, you can also witness the beauty of the green sea turtles, one of Hawaii’s most magnificent underwater creatures. If you’re booked for an upcoming snorkeling tour, you might catch a glimpse of these majestic animals. Here are a few surprising facts to know before you head underwater.

3 Incredible Facts About Green Sea Turtles

1. They Get Their Name From Their Skin

Green sea turtles are named after the layer of green fat beneath their shell. Some scientists believe that their veggie-based diet of seaweed and seagrass is responsible for the greenish tinge to their skin.

2. They’re One of the World’s Largest Turtle Species

snorkelingThis creature is one of the largest hard-shell sea turtle species in the world. While they’re born only two inches long, they may grow up to five feet and weigh up to 420 pounds.

3. They Can Hold Their Breath for a Long Time

Green sea turtles can hold their breath underwater for hours; however, the exact length of time also depends on the temperature of the water. Since sea turtles are cold-blooded, they can hold their breath longer in colder temperatures. Sleeping turtles can hold their breath for four to seven hours, and during feeding or migration, they may surface every few minutes to get a few seconds of air.


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