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3 Tips for a Successful TV Installation February 11, 2019

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3 Tips for a Successful TV Installation, West Carrollton, Ohio

Your TV is one of the most frequently used entertainment features in your home, and one of the key criteria ensuring its optimal enjoyment is a successful installation. From choosing the right location in your space to selecting the right mounting features, there are a few essential factors to consider before hanging your set. Explore some of the tips for a flawless TV installation below.

3 Top Tips for an Effective TV Installation

1. Choose the Right Location

Your first step is to consider where you’d like to place your TV. Whether it’s in a living room, basement, or bedroom, it should be centrally located for optimal viewing pleasure. Choose a spot near a power source and aim to have the TV centered on your chosen wall. It should also align with your eye-level when seated, and if possible, be positioned so any incoming glares don’t impact the picture quality.

2. Select the Best Mounting Method

There are several different styles of TV mounts to choose from. Swivel mounts allow you to adjust the angle of the TV and are ideal for rooms with a lot of sunlight or various seating options. Tilted mounts work well for areas where the device must be positioned higher than eye level, such as above a fireplace. Articulated mounts have the same properties as a swivel mount but also feature an arm bracket that can extend the device out from the wall. If you don’t need any of these additional features, a standard flat mount will likely suffice.

3. Locate Your Studs

tv installationTo ensure your TV is firmly anchored into the wall, it’s important to locate the studs. They’ll hold the brackets and offer much more support than sheetrock alone. Use a calibrated stud finder to detect them and drill the holes as needed to accommodate your mount. Make sure the brackets are firmly affixed to the studs, as the weight of the TV could pull it away from the wall otherwise.


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