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5 Reasons to Use Original Manufacturer Parts After an Auto Collision February 11, 2019

Roselawn, Cincinnati
5 Reasons to Use Original Manufacturer Parts After an Auto Collision, Cincinnati, Ohio

After an auto accident, you’ll want to schedule the most reliable form of collision repair to get you back on the road with confidence. While aftermarket parts may be the cheapest solution, these products tend to hurt the quality and performance of your car. Let your body shop know that you prefer to use parts that are produced by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). If you’re on the fence about your repair needs, here are a few reasons to choose original over aftermarket parts.

5 Benefits of Using OEM Parts in Collision Repair

1. High-Quality

OEM parts use the same materials and design that were originally used in your car. Therefore, you can expect them to maintain your vehicle’s structural integrity, provide long-lasting durability, and sustain overall performance.

2. Proper Fit

collision repairAlthough there are many aftermarket parts available, it’s difficult to find those that fit your vehicle’s exact make and model. If you stick with aftermarket parts for collision repair, body shops may have to make adjustments to the part to make it fit. By contrast, OEM parts match the exact specifications of your car and will provide a secure, precise fit.  

3. Warranty Protection

If you have a newer car that’s protected by a warranty, using aftermarket parts may void that agreement. As a result, you may not be able to get certain repairs covered or replace the vehicle should any manufacturer issues arise. By using original parts, you will keep your warranty intact.

4. Safety

Aftermarket parts are often made of cheap materials, including those that may have been salvaged from older vehicles. While they may restore the look of the body, these products may not be as resistant to impact, putting your on-road safety at risk. OEM parts avoid this danger by utilizing modern materials that have been reinforced to deliver superior safety ratings.

5. Superior Appearance

Getting your vehicle to look as good as it did before the accident may not be possible with aftermarket parts. Specifically, they may have to be repainted with a slightly different color or lack a protective coating. OEM parts, by comparison, are painted to match the original color and match the vehicle’s appearance. They are also finished with protective coatings to minimize the risk of scratches.


If you want to get the most out of your collision repair experience, go to a body shop that uses OEM parts. That’s why Cincinnati, OH, motorists turn to Mark’s Auto Body for comprehensive collision care. Whether you need basic dent repair or in-depth structural restoration, these highly-trained auto body technicians will deliver striking and reliable results. To learn more about the services that this insurance-preferred shop offers, visit their website. For questions about parts availability or repairs, call (513) 731-4273.

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