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What Everyone Should Know About Cracking Their Own Back February 11, 2019

Mount Repose, Miami
What Everyone Should Know About Cracking Their Own Back, Miami, Ohio

When you’re feeling stiff or sore, stretching to crack or pop your back may seem like the best option for relief. However, this habit can be dangerous if done in a way that puts excessive stress on joints and muscles. To help you protect your musculoskeletal system, here are a few important details you should know about this practice, its risks, and how a chiropractor provides safe and effective back pain relief.

What Causes the Popping Sound When You Crack Your Back?

When you crack your back, you may think that the resulting popping noise is the sound of your joints snapping into place. But, in reality, this noise is likely due to the synovial fluid that helps keep joints lubricated. As the ones in the back are stretched, the synovial fluid shifts and releases a series of gasses—including nitrogen and oxygen. This release is what creates that signature popping sound.

Why Shouldn’t You Crack Your Own Back?

There’s generally no need for concern if you crack your back unintentionally as the result of stretching or working out. But if you purposely twist and turn repeatedly, you may be doing more harm than good. Specifically, these actions can place stress on sensitive joints, tissues, discs, and nerves surrounding your spine.

So, while you may experience momentary back pain relief, it’s possible that you may be causing harm to your musculoskeletal system—and further aggravating the true source of your symptoms. Given these dangers, it’s best to see a licensed chiropractor who can locate and treat the underlying cause of pain.  

How Can a Chiropractor Help Relieve Back Pain?

back painAfter an in-depth assessment of the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors can accurately pinpoint the cause of pain. If a pinched nerve or misaligned spinal joint is to blame, a chiropractic adjustment may be performed. During this treatment, your provider will gently shift the spinal joints so that they can resume their natural positioning. This action can help reduce painful inflammation, as well as release pinched nerves.

Muscle stiffness, such as those caused by repetitive strain or sports injuries, is usually treated with some form of massage. By pinching and pulling tissues in a strategic fashion, your chiropractor eases tension to enhance flexibility, improve circulation to the damaged area, and promote healing to any corresponding injuries.


If chronic back problems are creating an obstacle in your daily life, you don’t have to push through the pain or rely on risky medications for relief. Instead, you can turn to American Health Chiropractic for natural and non-invasive back pain treatments. Serving the Milford, OH region, this local provider offers comprehensive chiropractic care to identify underlying conditions—such as auto accident and work injuries—and create personalized treatment plans for long-term wellness. For more information on these services, visit this friendly practice online. To learn how you can receive a free consultation and complimentary imaging, call (513) 576-6699.

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