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Top 3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursery February 11, 2019

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Top 3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursery, Archdale, North Carolina

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for the arrival of a child. Near the top of the list is preparing a nursery that can serve as a comfortable and safe sanctuary for your newborn. From finding the right mattress and furniture to deciding on a layout and design, a little bit of foresight can go a long way to ensuring your nursery both looks beautiful and provides the functionality you need.

Key Design Factors for Your Baby’s Nursery

1. Create an Area for Play

You’ll be surprised how quickly your newborn evolves. Before you know it, they’ll be playing with toys, crawling, and looking for stimulation. Create a play corner with soft flooring that’s equally comfortable and functional. This can serve as an area for story time, winding down before bed, or as an impromptu changing area.

2. Have a Comfortable Nursing Nook

mattressYou’ll be spending a lot of days nursing—and plenty of the wee hours of the morning, too. Create a cozy nook with a comfortable chair like a glider or rocker. Make sure you buy furniture with removable covers that can be washed or invest in slipcovers. You should also think about the layout. Place your nursing nook away from direct sources of light and any vents so as not to disturb your baby when trying to put them to bed.

3. Make the Crib a Safe Sanctuary

The right crib setup is perhaps the most important part of designing your baby’s nursery. Custom bedding designed to fit your crib is essential for a safe sleeping environment. Your mattress should fit snug in the crib and remain in place. It also needs to be a combination of soft and durable. Look for a mattress store that specializes in custom bedding for babies to ensure you have the highest level of comfort and security possible. Finally, consider getting a crib that can transition to a toddler bed—this is a smart way to help your child adjust to change, and it also maximizes your investment.


A well-designed nursery can go a long way in helping keep your baby happy and comfortable. Reliable Bedding Company in High Point, NC, has been a leading custom mattress manufacturer for more than 50 years. Able to design a mattress and bedding to suit any crib configuration, their team is the go-to expert for all your child’s sleeping needs. Call them at (336) 883-0648 or visit them online to learn more about all their bedding options.

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