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Are You Nervous Seeing The Dentist? February 2, 2019

Clearwater, Pinellas
Are You Nervous Seeing The Dentist?, Clearwater, Florida

Dr. Adams and his team combine compassion with the latest dental technology to assure easier, more patient friendly and predictable dental results.
“Combining compassion with the latest dental technology assures easier, more patient friendly, and predictable dental results,” counsels Anthony J Adams, DDS, an experienced practitioner with a private practice in Clearwater. “We offer our patients leading-edge technology, top quality materials and the most precise techniques, but we understand that those are only tools. The most important service that a practice can offer is compassionate caregiving.”
Dr. Adams surveys his patients to learn how he can serve them better.
“People often tell us they are nervous about seeing a dentist,” observes Dr. Adams. “If we can calm their fears and make them emotionally comfortable, as well as keeping them as physically comfortable as possible, they will have a more positive dental experience while receiving comprehensive care.”
“We work very hard to create an environment that feels good to our patients”, informs Dr. Adams. “We have a tremendous staff, who are both technically proficient and personally dynamic, and that makes a difference to our patients.”
They tell us our office is a fun environment.”
Dr. Adams has over 35 experience which makes it easier for you to relax so you can make informed decisions about your dental care.

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