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3 Reasons Freeze-Dried Food Is Healthy February 11, 2019

Cabool, Texas County
3 Reasons Freeze-Dried Food Is Healthy, Cabool, Missouri

Freeze-dried food is the perfect fuel for long backpacking trips, emergency scenarios, or even just casual snacking. Once thought of as novelty ‘astronaut food,’ there are now many freeze-dried treats available that will provide you with tasty and convenient nutrition. Here’s what you should know about the health benefits of this food preservation process. 

3 Healthy Perks of Freeze-Dried Foods

1. Preserved at Peak Ripeness

The produce that you find at the grocery store is often picked before it’s ripe, then artificially ripened with ethylene gas. If it was shipped while ripe, it could be past its prime when it hits the shelves. Freeze drying preserves fruits and vegetables at the height of their freshness, when they have the most nutritional value. As a result, you’re getting more nutrients and vitamins than many fresh options.

2. Retains Almost All Nutrients

freeze-dried foodsIf prepared correctly, freeze-dried foods retain a significant portion of their nutritive properties, including antioxidant levels. The process also preserves the protein in meat and fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin A and D. A small reduction in nutrient levels is well compensated for by the dramatic drop in weight and size, which makes freeze-dried food much easier to store and carry. Because it has almost no moisture, bacterial growth is also hampered, leading to an extremely long shelf life.

3. Dairy Keeps Its Probiotics

All types of dairy can be freeze-dried, and they retain a surprising amount of their benefits. Rehydrated cheese will melt like normal, and preserved yogurt can be enjoyed dry or mixed with water. Even better, these products retain all of the probiotics that keep your gut healthy and aid digestion.


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