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4 Common Laundry Mistakes to Avoid February 13, 2019

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4 Common Laundry Mistakes to Avoid, Dothan, Alabama

Doing the laundry isn’t as simple as tossing some soap into a washer and shutting the lid. There are many ways to mess up this sometimes-delicate process accidentally. Here are some common issues people encounter and ways to avoid them, so your laundry goes smoothly and comes out clean and dry.

Skip These 4 Laundry Mishaps

1. Leaving Fasteners Open

Open bra clasps and unzipped pants are more vulnerable to potential damage as they spin around in the laundry. Fasten everything before placing it in the washer or dryer to protect the fabrics from tearing or catching on one another. However, unbutton shirts as they are less likely to incur buttonhole issues or have the buttons ripped off if they are undone before going into the washing machine.

2. Using Too Much Soap

laundryHave you ever turned on the washer only to find suds bubbling out when you return? People often use too much soap, which can quickly become agitated during the spin cycle creating suds that may escape through the washer lid. Follow the directions on the soap container to ensure you’re using the appropriate amount.

3. Not Fluffing Insulated Items

When washing insulated linens or clothing - like a down jacket or comforter – it’s essential to ensure they’re being adequately fluffed in the dryer. By adding a few tennis balls or wool dryer balls, you’ll help stir the items, so the feathers are fluffed up to create premium loft and warmth.

4. Forgetting to Clean the Lint Trap

Remove lint buildup from the filter before running a load in the dryer. This will mitigate lint buildup that can cause a fire. Be sure to use laundry machines that are properly maintained and have had the lint removed from the hose at the back of the machines as this, too, will mitigate clogging and promote efficient drying.


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