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The Right Way to Reheat Chicken Wings June 4, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
The Right Way to Reheat Chicken Wings, Manhattan, New York

If you've ever taken home a box of leftovers from a restaurant or bar, you know chicken wings can be much less appetizing after a trip through the microwave, which leaves them soggy or rubbery. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to get your wings hot and appetizing once again. Here are the two best ways to reheat wings the next day, depending on how they're prepared.

If Your Wings Have Sauce

Whether they're buffalo wings smothered in spice or sweet and smoky barbecue flavor, you want your saucy wings to retain as much flavor and crunch as possible. To do this, set your chicken wings out to warm at room temperature and heat your oven to 350 degrees. Pop your wings in an oven-safe dish and space them out so they aren't touching. Then bake them for about 15 minutes. They may be a little softer than the night before, but they won't be soggy — and the flavor will still be heaven.

If Your Wings Have No Sauce

wingsFor sauceless wings, the method is faster and more direct. Heat up a skillet with a generous layer of your choice of cooking oil — make sure the oil you choose won't clash with the flavor of the wings! Then drop the wings in the pan for two to four minutes. Turn each one so they'll heat evenly, and watch out for any signs of burning or sticking. Once they're thoroughly heated, slide them out and enjoy a snack with golden brown skin — and without the rubbery microwave texture.


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