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How to Make the Right Beer Selection February 11, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
How to Make the Right Beer Selection , Lincoln, Nebraska

Have you ever looked at the beer selection in a bar and felt bewildered by all the options? Choosing a beverage can be confusing if you’ve never studied alcohol. Even if you haven’t, however, a little bit of research can help you decide which types best fit your taste. This breakdown of the basics will help get you started.

Don’t Know Your Ales from Your Lagers? Make an Educated Beer Selection With This List

1. Ale

As with many alcohols, the brewing process is what distinguishes ale from other types of beer. Ale requires top-fermenting yeast. It is stored at a warmer temperature for a shorter amount of time than a lager: mere days instead of weeks. Taste-wise, these beverages are typically complex, rich, and well-rounded, with multiple flavors and a lingering aftertaste.

2. Lager

beer selectionLagers use bottom-fermenting yeast and are stored at a cooler temperature than ales. This coldness during the fermentation process gives them a crisp quality. One flavor typically emerges over the others. For the best drinking experience, lagers are often cooled down beforehand, though this can vary depending on brand and personal preference.

3. Malts

One of the qualities that distinguishes malts from other beers is a higher alcohol content. An abundance of sugar gives them a sweeter flavor. The color of the beer depends on how much the barley is toasted during production. Some state governments require any beer with high alcohol content to be labeled as a malt, even if the category doesn’t technically apply.


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