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3 Ways to Plan Your Fuel Stops & Save Money During Your Road Trip February 11, 2019

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3 Ways to Plan Your Fuel Stops & Save Money During Your Road Trip, Lynne, Wisconsin

Road trips are an excellent way to experience the country, learn more about yourself, and have fun, but some common mistakes often have travelers stranded on the side of the highway, their fuel tanks empty because they misjudged the distance between gas stations. Don't worry. Planning your gas station and convenience store trips before you even set out on your journey can keep you on the road and enjoying the scenery. Use these tips from experienced travelers to make your vacation a memorable one for all the right reasons, and best of all, to save a little money in the process.

How to Plan Your Road Trip With Gas Stations in Mind

1. Plot Your Route

You should know where your destination is by now, so pull out a map or look at one online to start planning how to get there. Keep your purpose in mind. If you’re sightseeing, make sure you plan stops at the cities and landmarks you most want to see, which can take some careful planning. Calculate the distance between those areas in miles, understanding that rural areas might have greater distances between gas stations than major cities.

2. Determine Your Car’s Fuel Capacity

gas stationEvery vehicle is different, but most modern cars allow you to track your fuel usage on the dashboard. You can’t always trust the mile-per-gallon statistics on the sales papers, so start tracking how much distance you can get with a full tank of gas, both on city roads and the highway. You can estimate how far you’ll get by multiplying your vehicle’s average miles per gallon by the size of its tank. For example, if your car averages 30 miles per gallon on the highway and has a 10-gallon tank, expect to travel 300 miles on a full tank. 

3. Plan Your Gas Station Stops

You should reserve enough gas for 50 miles in your tank at all time, so schedule your gas station stops accordingly. All gas stations aren't open 24 hours, so don’t schedule fuel stops in rural areas too late or call ahead to find out the hours. Apps, such as GasBuddy™ and Gas Guru™, can help you find the cheapest gas in areas while you’re traveling, too. If you want to be cautious, always carry a spare gallon of gas with you; you can find carriers and funnels at most gas stations.


Road trippers passing through Tripoli, WI, should stop by Tri-Mart BP to fuel up on gas and food. This gas station and convenience store has fuel available 24 hours a day at affordable prices. They accept most types of payment at the pump, including credit and debit cards, and they also have an ATM on site for convenience. Call (715) 564-2440 or visit them online to learn more about this customer-oriented station.

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