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3 Key Components of a Car Exhaust System February 11, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Key Components of a Car Exhaust System, Chillicothe, Ohio

Gases created in the engine leave a vehicle through the exhaust system, located under the car. If one of the components becomes damaged, it could lead to an exhaust leak. Driving with faulty equipment can be dangerous, as harmful gases could enter the car and make passengers sick. By knowing how components function, you’ll be equipped to take better care of your car and avoid extensive exhaust repairs.

Oxygen Sensor

Located in the exhaust manifold, the oxygen sensor gauges how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust that the engine expels. The sensor then adjusts the fuel mixture accordingly. How hard the driver presses on the accelerator determines whether the oxygen sensor lets more or less fuel go through the engine. With a faulty oxygen sensor, the engine computer can’t create the right air-fuel mixture. If an oxygen sensor is bad, the check engine light will illuminate. The faulty sensor could cause a misfire with the spark plugs, a drop in power, rough idling, and additional problems, so contact an exhaust repair specialist for help.  

Catalytic Converter

exhaust repairWithout a catalytic converter, harmful gases will filter out of the car and into the environment. Nestled between the silencer and manifold, the engine exhaust travels through the converter, where carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, and other toxic chemicals are filtered through honeycomb-like holes. The harmful chemicals are transformed into water and carbon dioxide before being released into the environment. When the oxygen sensor fails, the air and liquid balance in the fuel can become too rich. This will cause the converter to overheat and fail. 

Exhaust Pipe

The carbon dioxide and water inside the catalytic converter exit the car through the exhaust pipe. The auto part is prone to rusting, so schedule regular auto maintenance to prevent premature wear. If the exhaust pipe is clogged or blocked, exhaust gases can’t exit the car. This leaves no room in the combustion chamber for fresh air. When this happens, the engine won’t turn on. An exhaust repair technician will look for signs of trouble during an inspection.


If you suspect a problem with your car’s exhaust system, the Jasper®-preferred dealers and trained mechanics at Muffler Brothers in Chillicothe, OH, will investigate. From routine oil changes to transmission repairs, the reliable, trustworthy technicians have provided area motorists with a wide range of auto repair and maintenance solutions for over 17 years. This makes them qualified to get to the bottom of and resolve your car troubles. To schedule exhaust repairs or additional auto services in Ross County and southern Ohio, call (740) 772-1890 or visit them online