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3 Tips for New Drivers February 11, 2019

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3 Tips for New Drivers, Randleman, North Carolina

From auto insurance to checking tire pressure, parents should take steps to instill important lessons in their newly licensed children. Not everything will be covered on the exam, and inexperienced young drivers face a greater risk of accident due to their lack of wisdom and muscle memory. The following advice can help you protect your child when out on the road.

Advice Parents Should Pass on to Teen Drivers

1. Don’t Drive Distracted

Driving distractions can be deadly. Texting and driving, eating behind the wheel, talking with passengers, changing the radio station, and many other activities can all pull your attention away from the road. Make sure your kids understand these risks and take the proper steps, like putting their smartphones away while driving. Consider requiring your teen to use an app that blocks smartphone use while behind the wheel. You can also lead by example by not driving while distracted.

2. Speeding Is Dangerous

Speeding greatly increases a person’s risk of an accident. It can also make the effects of an accident far more severe, particularly when it comes to bodily injury. Speed limits are created for specific road conditions, and going over the posted limit endangers everyone on the road. Young drivers should also know how to adjust their speed to accommodate weather conditions.

3. Good Driving Can Save You Money

auto insuranceIt’s no secret that auto insurance rates are higher for new drivers. However, make sure your kids understand that the better they drive, the lower their rates will be in the future. As your teen practices safe and conscientious driving, these habits will become second nature. Learning the nuances of being on the road will help mold the kind of driver they’ll always be. 

There are more concrete ways to bring down premiums for young drivers, too. Attending a driver’s ed course can be beneficial in more ways than one. Some auto insurance agencies offer discounts to teens who have completed defensive driving classes.  


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