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Guide to the 3 Different Types of Plumber Licensing February 11, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
Guide to the 3 Different Types of Plumber Licensing, Ewa, Hawaii

Once you’ve decided that you want to go into the plumbing profession, you’ll need to start working on gaining the necessary licensing and training. There’s a process that plumbers need to follow to get their training and build their career. Here’s a brief guide to the basics of how to get started and what your options are to determine what type you want to become.

The 3 Types of Plumbers

1. Apprentice Plumber

plumberAn apprentice license is given to someone who is in the process of learning the trade. They have some basic knowledge but minimal working experience. Typically, the only requirement for an apprentice is that they’re a certain age, and in Hawaii, you must be at least 18 years old. Once they have this license, they can work under the supervision of a master plumber.

2. Journey Plumber

Once an apprentice has been working with a master for about two to six years, they can apply for a journey license. By now, this professional has a thorough understanding of plumbing systems and any applicable legislature for working on projects. In most states, they’re required to pass a test to receive this license. Journey plumbers can work independently or work as an employee of a company without supervision.

3. Master Plumber

Once a journeyman has been working for a certain number of hours, they can take a test to earn a master license. This full level of certification is the least limited type of license. With a master license, a professional can open their own plumbing business and train their own apprentices.


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