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How Metal Roofing Improves Efficiency February 11, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
How Metal Roofing Improves Efficiency, Ewa, Hawaii

Homeowners are always looking for ways to boost energy efficiency on their property. A popular option is to install a metal roofing system. Here are a few ways metal is the right choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

3 Ways Metal Roofing Is Energy Efficient

1. Temperature Balance

Metal roofing helps balance internal temperatures in your home in any weather. The material provides insulation to keep heating and cooling inside and harsh weather outside. Due to this insulating quality, energy costs are reduced since your HVAC doesn’t have to run as hard or as frequently to maintain inside comfort.

2. Radiant Heat Control

metal roofingMetal roofing relies on different finishes to control solar radiation absorption, but even basic metal panels or shingles will reflect more heat than other materials. For areas with high temperatures, the best choices are a granular coated metal and cool-metal roofing. These options reflect solar heat and cool the home by sending radiant heat out and away from the property. Additionally, the surface of the roof is much cooler than options such as asphalt roof shingles or tile.

3. Renewable & Green

Metal roofing is made from sustainable, recyclable materials. The life span of a metal roof is twice as long as an asphalt one, reducing the amount of energy necessary to produce and install new products. Solar panels are also compatible with metal roofing systems, allowing homeowners to utilize alternative, renewable resources to power their homes and reduce their carbon footprint.


When you’re ready to improve your property’s energy efficiency with metal roofing, call Hawaii Metal Roofing Supply. Based in Pearl City, this roofing contractor provides installation and repair services to keep your residential roofing in top shape with quality products such as Interlock Roofing®. For more information about their services call (808) 462-6469. Visit them online and on Facebook for a look at their work.

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