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3 Steps to Take If Your Tree Loses Branches in Ice & Snow February 11, 2019

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3 Steps to Take If Your Tree Loses Branches in Ice & Snow, Anchorage, Alaska

Heavy snowfall isn’t unusual in Alaska, and homeowners are all too familiar with the wrath that inclement weather wreaks on landscapes and yards. Sometimes snow and ice can add too much weight to tree branches, which may weaken them and cause them to snap off. This can lead to even further tree damage if you don’t take steps to resolve the problem during winter. Here are a few tree care tips to protect their health and vitality after a snowstorm.

What to Do When Your Trees Lose Branches After It Snows

Anchorage, AK tree care1. Assess the Surroundings

Prioritize your safety above everything else. Ice can pose a significant threat, and there may be low-hanging branches in danger of falling off that aren’t immediately obvious. Look for signs of downed lines or wires that may be hazardous, too. If you’re concerned that it may be weighed down by snow, avoid stepping directly beneath the tree.

2. Remove Broken Branches

When a branch breaks, it exposes some of the tree’s most vital parts to the elements. That level of damage requires urgent tree care, or you risk allowing diseases and pests to inhabit the tree and contaminate it. When that happens, you’ll have to deal with more serious issues in the spring. You can remove smaller branches, taking it section by section if necessary. Don’t attempt to remove a large branch on your own; an arborist can smooth out the cut to ensure that rain and other debris don’t collect in rough spots and encourage decay or disease growth.

3. Contact a Professional

If you have no tree care experience, it’s always best to have an expert tree service handle the job for you. They will evaluate the tree’s condition, and safely tackle dangerous branches that you shouldn’t handle—particularly the larger ones or those that adjoin with other branches. Doing this promptly will allow your tree to recover and provide it with a chance for a healthy spring.


In the aftermath of a snowstorm, your trees can take a beating. That’s why Carlos Tree Service is available whenever you need a qualified arborist to assess the situation. Based in Anchorage, AK, they’ve served the area since 1993. Whether you’re concerned about broken branches or damaged bark, they have the experience to recognize the issue and provide a treatment that helps. They may recommend trimming or complete removal, and they can also provide you with consistent tree care moving forward, so your landscape remains in great condition, no matter the weather. Visit their website for details, and call (907) 522-6049 to schedule an appointment.

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