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Why You Should Attend Your Local Sports Bar's Trivia Night May 14, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Why You Should Attend Your Local Sports Bar's Trivia Night, Brooklyn, New York

If you need something to do this week or simply long for a different kind of evening out, consider trivia night. Trivia games have become staples of the sports bar circuit in recent years and feature questions on everything from music to history to geography to celebrities. Learn why trivia nights make welcome additions to any social calendar.

Why Should You Attend Your Local Sports Bar’s Next Trivia Night?

1. Quality Time With Favorite People

Attend trivia night at the nearby sports bar and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Trivia games give everyone a break from their phone, tablet, and laptop screens to promote socialization and teamwork. They provide the opportunity to bond, laugh, and revel in friendly competition. Trivia nights also make it possible to meet new people, such as a friend’s coworker and other attendees you got grouped with before the game started.  

2. Stress Relief

sports barFocusing on the next trivia question while laughing with friends and savoring great food and drinks offers serious stress relief. Whether you had an aggravating day at work, feel like your errand list gets longer instead of shorter, or have anything else in your life causing tension, use trivia night to forget about all of it. It helps break up the week so you can tackle work and personal projects feeling refreshed instead of anxious or worried.

3. Brain Stimulation

Trivia nights test your knowledge and boost your confidence when you know the answers. This exercises the brain because you have to remember what you have learned in school and throughout your life to answer correctly. Trivia games also provide the opportunity to learn new things to further stimulate your brain and increase your knowledge base. The more you play trivia, the more your brain adapts to the question-and-answer pattern. It also improves your concentration and quick-thinking abilities.

Attend upcoming trivia nights at Buffalo Wild Wings® to enjoy hours of fun with friends and family. The sports bar and restaurant offers the perfect setting for trivia — a warm and friendly atmosphere, comfortable seating, and plenty of great food and drinks, including the bar’s famous wings. Visit the website to find a location near you or learn more about the exciting rewards program. Like the Facebook page to keep up with the latest deals and special events.

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