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Everything You Need to Know About Sports Bar Etiquette May 21, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Everything You Need to Know About Sports Bar Etiquette, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re headed to a sports bar to watch a game or relax with friends, you’re probably looking forward to sharing some wings and ordering some drinks. You’re in good company—it’s a like-minded crowd that shares a common love for American food and sports. Yet for all that enthusiasm, there’s often one rowdy member in the crowd who taints the experience a little for everyone else. Brushing up on bar etiquette is a great way to ensure that you’re always on your best behavior.

5 Tips for How to Act at a Sports Bar

1. Never Heckle Others

Sports rivalries are legendary, and those differences often play out in real time when fans of both teams watch together in a sports bar. But while it’s normal for a few tense moments to arise, it’s best to keep those emotions in check. Avoid trading heavyweight barbs; make jokes and use light banter to diffuse any tensions. Everyone is there to have fun!

2. Tip Your Bartender

CT sports barBartenders have a busy job catering to an often-raucous crowd. You can show your appreciation for their service by remaining courteous throughout, thanking them for their help, and giving them a tip when you’re done. It’s a thoughtful way to show your gratitude.

3. Avoid Being Loud

Noise is expected in a sports bar, but remember your surroundings—you aren’t at the actual game, so it’s best to match your tone to the environment. You can elevate your voice to chat with friends if it’s particularly noisy inside, but avoid being louder than others and creating a distraction.

4. Don’t Block Views

Whether for a soccer tournament or the big football game, a sports bar can get quite crowded—and it’s not unusual to discover that it’s standing room only when you arrive. Do your best to arrive early so that you can snag a seat and avoid blocking anyone’s line of vision.  

5. Mind Your Drinks

It’s certainly normal to indulge in a few drinks and wings at the bar. Nurse your drinks slowly, though, so that you don’t overdo it or begin feeling uncomfortable as the game progresses. The last thing you want is to leave early.


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