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How Elderly Care Can Improve Social Skills March 14, 2019

Farmington, Hartford County
How Elderly Care Can Improve Social Skills, Farmington, Connecticut

For many senior citizens, maintaining an active social life can be a challenge. Losing a spouse and friends, as well as dealing with medical ailments can make socializing emotionally and physically difficult. Fortunately, elderly care can keep your loved one stimulated and engaged with their friends and neighbors. Here's what you need to know about keeping seniors socially active.

The Importance of Socialization For Seniors

Why is Socialization Important for the Elderly?

Healthy social interactions are important at every stage of life, but they can be particularly beneficial for seniors, especially those who live alone. If your loved one rarely has contact with other people, the isolation may lead to a decrease in physical, mental, and cognitive well-being. This can create a downward spiral, causing seniors to not participate in social activities they once enjoyed. Socializing provides stimulation that helps seniors stay physically active and mentally engaged, warding off issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and low self-esteem.

How Can Elderly Care Help Seniors Develop Social Skills?

elderly careFinding an agency to provide elderly care for your loved one can yield tremendous social benefits. For seniors who have been isolated for a while, talking with a caregiver offers an opportunity to practice their communication skills. As your loved one builds more confidence, the caregiver can take them for short walks outside so they have the chance to interact with neighbors and people at local businesses.

The senior companion can accompany your loved one to a community center where they may forge friendships with others, or take them to events at nearby libraries or schools to keep them intellectually engaged. With the help of their widened social circle and their caregiver, your loved one may develop new interests and relationships, which will give them the incentive to continue building their socialization skills.



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