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5 Auto Parts You Can Recycle February 11, 2019

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5 Auto Parts You Can Recycle, Whitewater, Ohio

As a responsible car owner, you should carefully consider how you’ll dispose of your car once it dies. One option to consider is having the auto parts stripped and recycled. Almost 80% of parts are reusable even when the car is no longer roadworthy. Recycling your car’s parts also reduces your carbon footprint and helps to preserve the environment. Here's a breakdown of which parts can still be used.

5 Auto Parts That Can Be Sold & Re-used

1. Batteries

A car battery contains chemicals that are harmful to the environment, so you shouldn’t throw it into a dumpster. Instead, carefully remove the battery from your vehicle and ship it back to the manufacturer or a recycling center. In many instances, when a car is dead, the battery is still functional. Batteries in good condition can be reused or sold second-hand.

2. Engine Parts

Engine parts like spark plugs, catalytic converter, and the radiator can also be reused. Some of these auto parts may be used to rebuild an engine for the same make and model as your old car, and others may be used as a universal replacement in any vehicle. 

3. Oil & Fluids

Old cars contain liquids that are still usable. Recycling facilities will drain a scrap vehicle of gas, oil, antifreeze, brake lubricants, and other fluids. While the toxic liquids are disposed of, gas and oil are filtered and reused. Oil filters are also recyclable.

4. Tires

auto partsTires that are still in good working condition can be sold second-hand and placed in another vehicle. Even if the tread is worn or there is a leak, the rubber can be repurposed as artificial turf, rubberized asphalt, or recycled tires.

5. Glass

The glass from a car's windshield and windows are also recycled and given new life as countertops, floor tiles, jewelry, and other glass products. If the windshield is undamaged, it can be sold and reinstalled in another vehicle of a similar make and model.


Put some extra cash in your pocket by selling your old car parts to Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling in Cleves, OH. The company serves the Tri-State area and offers community members a good deal on their old auto parts, car batteries, and used tires. If you plan to take on a project that will leave you with a lot of unwanted metal, dispose of it in one of their large recycling containers. Check out their website to learn more about scrap metal recycling, and call (513) 353-1111 to ask about available auto parts.

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