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How Should You Dress for a Dinner Cruise? February 8, 2019

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How Should You Dress for a Dinner Cruise?, Berkeley, California

If you’re looking for a unique way to socialize with friends or enjoy a romantic evening out, a dinner cruise can provide a truly memorable experience. Coordinating an outfit for a boating excursion is essential. Unless otherwise stated, these outings generally require semi-formal attire. But to help you refine your wardrobe choices, here are a few more pointers.

What Should You Wear on a Dinner Cruise?


Men should avoid wearing leisure attire—including shorts, jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, sneakers, and sandals. Instead, they should opt for a semi-formal look that delivers a crisp and clean appearance.

For an easy boating outfit, men should consider a button-up dress shirt that’s tucked into a belted pair of khaki slacks or dress pants. While a tie isn’t necessary, it is a good addition for events with a more formal touch. When it comes to footwear, boat shoes or dress shoes are ideal. 


boatingWhile women should avoid the same casual looks as men, they have a few more options when it comes to choosing semi-formal attire for a dinner cruise. Acceptable outfit choices can include dress pants with a collared shirt, a cocktail dress, or a formal skirt and blouse. In regards to shoes, high heels are the most popular option. However, since boating can be rocky at times, it’s advised that women keep all heels short.

How Should You Dress Around the Weather?

Even if it’s warm on land, it can get chilly when boating on the water—especially during the night. As such, you should always check the forecast and make sure you’re prepared for any changes in weather you might experience.

To stay warm in the midst of cool breezes and nighttime lows, you should dress in layers. For example, women may opt to wear a cardigan or shawl for extra warmth. Men, on the other hand, can bundle up beneath a blazer. If the weather is particularly cold, it may be appropriate for either men or women to wear a formal sweater.


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