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4 Career Paths Available to Electricians February 8, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
4 Career Paths Available to Electricians , Queens, New York

Attending an electrical trade school is the perfect way to open new career paths and improve your future. If you are thinking of entering the electrical industry, there will be many potential career paths available to you. The following are just some of the many jobs that you can pursue as an electrician. 

What Are Some Career Paths for Electricians?

1. Electrical Estimator

Projects of all scales will require an estimator. In this job, you will assess the scope of an electrical project and estimate the associated labor cost and time so the client can account for it in their budget. You may also assess pre-determined quotes to ensure accuracy. 

2. Electrical Contractor

trade schoolSome electricians may have entrepreneurial goals for their career. After you have worked under another company for a few years, you may choose to start your own contracting business. Every state has different requirements for contracting licenses, so be sure to look into these. You may also want to talk to your trade school about taking business classes. 

3. Maintenance Electrician 

When working as a maintenance electrician, no two days will be alike. These professionals are on call to repair industrial equipment and commercial wiring. They may also complete electrical inspections for existing buildings and new construction. In some cases, maintenance electricians will handle electrical emergencies for businesses. 

4. Project Manager

As a project manager or electrical supervisor, you will oversee the entire scope of a project. These professionals manage a team of electricians, assigning jobs, planning out the job schedule, and checking in with the client. They may also be in charge of training new hires and ensuring that the team has the right tools. Your trade school can help you select the right courses for a future as a project manager. 


Looking for a trade school that supports your career goals? Berk Trade and Business School has been training future plumbers, electricians, and automotive professionals in Long Island City, NY, for over 70 years. They offer small class sizes and flexible hours to make your education a priority. Their instructors will teach all of the hard skills and industry knowledge necessary to succeed in your field. To learn more about their programs, visit them online. You can also call (718) 729-0909 to discuss admission. 

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