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What Are the Dangers of Brushing Your Teeth Too Vigorously? February 11, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
What Are the Dangers of Brushing Your Teeth Too Vigorously?, Lincoln, Nebraska

Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily can help get rid of plaque and bacteria. However, scrubbing too hard can have a surprisingly negative effect. If you’re enthusiastic about keeping your teeth white and your smile healthy, the guide below offers dental cleaning tips for doing just enough and not more.

What Happens When You Brush Too Hard

The goal of regular dental cleaning—both at home and at the dentist’s office—is to remove built-up food residue and plaque, or the layer of bacteria and waste that coats your teeth. Unless you’ve allowed the plaque to harden into tartar, these come off with little effort, so a light but thorough pass from your toothbrush should be enough to get the job done.

Brushing harder than that runs the risk of damaging your tooth enamel by scratching or eroding it, which causes tooth sensitivity and heightens your risk for cavities. Your gum tissue can also be hurt from hard brushing, making it susceptible to gum disease and potentially exposing your tooth’s hidden root.

How to Prevent It

dental cleaningTo begin with, make sure that you’re using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Not only will it be harder for them to scratch teeth, but the bristles will be more flexible than firm ones, getting into spaces other toothbrushes might miss. If you’re able to, invest in an electric toothbrush that’s outfitted with a pressure sensor to alert you when you’re brushing too hard.

In addition to these changes, schedule an appointment with a dentist for a deep dental cleaning. A skilled professional will be able to tell if you’re brushing too hard or too little and offer recommendations. If damage has already been done, they’ll be able to discuss restorative options with you, such as veneers for worn enamel or fillings for cavities.


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