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3 Trip & Fall Hazards That May Pose a Risk to Seniors May 15, 2019

Lakeville, Livingston
3 Trip & Fall Hazards That May Pose a Risk to Seniors, Lakeville, New York

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in seniors, and unfortunately, many of those spills happen in the comfort of their own homes. Fortunately, by identifying potential causes of trips and falls, you can make safe adjustments to your place or the home of your loved one. Here are a few hazards you can eliminate easily, and how home health care can help. 

Common Causes of Senior Trips & Falls to Remove

1. Rugs

Area rugs, throw rugs, and runners give rooms personality and color, but unfortunately, they can also bunch or curl, creating trip and fall hazards. If a senior lives in your home or you struggle with mobility, consider removing rugs from your home to create a more even, easy-to-traverse flooring surface. You can also use nonslip rug pads to increase traction.

2. Strung Cords

When outlets aren’t readily available, people often string extension cords through their home to power their favorite devices. While this might seem like an easy way to resolve a power problem, it can also create a trip and fall hazard for seniors. In addition to electrical cords, people who struggle with mobility can trip over oxygen cords, so keep cords of any kind put away or secured against a wall. Talk with home health care professionals about moving oxygen tanks closer to main living spaces so fewer cords are strung across the floor. 

3. Home Clutter 

home health careAnother common cause of clutter is toys, books, and other household items that might be left around a home that houses people of all ages. Keep your home as clean and organized as possible to eliminate clutter, and talk with a home health care professional or maid service if you are having trouble keeping up with everyday cleaning tasks. 


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