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A Guide to Winter Furnace Maintenance February 7, 2019

Glastonbury, Hartford County
A Guide to Winter Furnace Maintenance, Glastonbury, Connecticut

Your furnace sits idle for half the year and then is used nearly constantly during the winter. This can result in sudden breakdowns and emergency furnace repairs. However, you can avoid problems by regularly maintaining your system. Below are some tips to help you prevent furnace emergencies during the winter.

4 Tips to Fend Off Winter Furnace Repairs

1. Replace Filters

Furnace repairsThe filter traps dust and debris before they enter the furnace. This is essential because a coating of dust on your blower motor prevents heat dissipation and could result in overheating and eventual breakdown. Additionally, a clogged filter can’t remove dust effectively, and the blocked airway puts unnecessary wear and tear on the system. Replace your furnace filter every 60 to 90 days, or even more frequently if you have a pet living in your home.

2. Open the Vents

Many people close vents in unused rooms to save money and direct warm air where it is most useful. However, your HVAC system is sized to heat the cubic footage of your home. By blocking off areas, you cause the system to run shorter, more frequent cycles that could result in it wearing out more quickly.

3. Respond to Unusual Odors & Sounds

If you notice unpleasant smells or noises from your furnace, contact a furnace repair professional immediately. When running optimally, the system should produce no odors and only humming sounds or the occasional sound of the burner igniting. Smoke, rotten eggs, or other odors indicate leaks and other issues, as do scraping, banging, or squealing noises.

4. Schedule Yearly HVAC Maintenance

Have an experienced HVAC contractor inspect and service your system yearly. They'll clean out dust, oil the motor, and replace worn belts as necessary. Annual inspections also let them identify and address any problems, such as corrosion, before they become serious.


For reliable furnace repairs and HVAC maintenance, contact Glastonbury Burner & Boiler in Hartford County, CT. They are a fully licensed  and insured contractor. They specialize in furnace installations, water heater repairs, and ductless HVAC systems and much more. Visit their website to request a consultation or call (860) 659-4120 to speak with a member of their team. 

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