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3 Careers Open to People With a Background in Mathematics February 6, 2019

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3 Careers Open to People With a Background in Mathematics, Avon, Connecticut

Mathematics is considered one of the only universal languages, making it possible for researchers, engineers, and scientists across the world to come together for the greater good. One benefit of a solid education in mathematics for kids is that it opens them up for a variety of job opportunities when they reach adulthood. Here are three careers perfect for individuals with a degree in mathematics, and how hiring a math tutor can help make these paths attainable for kids.

Great Careers for Math Majors

1. Insurance Actuary

The insurance industry is all about the numbers, and actuaries are responsible for using statistics and actuarial tables to predict their company’s chances of paying out benefits. Actuaries also use information based on the demographics of the people they insure to calculate different expenses and to develop budgets, helping insurance companies to remain healthy and financially stable. 

2. Professional Math Tutor & Teacher

math tutorMath can be difficult for people of all ages to tackle, ranging from school children to people going through college courses. As a math instructor, you can work with students one-on-one to help them understand key concepts, master important skills, and take tests effectively. Math tutors also help others to build successful study habits, making school easier in the long run. 

3. Operations Research Analyst

With an eye on improving profits and padding their bottom lines, businesses also need people who innately understand mathematics. As an operations research analyst, you can work with companies to help them to learn more about their product sales, predict future buying patterns, and evaluate financial information with the accounting team. Mathematicians also help businesses to identify and solve numerical problems, assisting with everything from planning issues to product development. 


If you want to instill an appreciation for math in your kids, contact a professional math tutor at Mathnasium in Avon, CT. As a center devoted to creating a strong, welcoming, comfortable environment for kids to master mathematics, their entire team is committed to working as a team to improve success across the board. Find out more on their website, or by giving their office a call at (860) 785-6284. To reach their Trumbull location, call (203) 261-0588.

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