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How Often Should You Refill Your Propane Tank? February 11, 2019

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How Often Should You Refill Your Propane Tank?, New Braunfels, Texas

Propane is one of the most widely used natural gases, offering a wide number of benefits from cost-effectiveness to safety. However, since it does everything from providing fuel for cooking to powering the water heater and furnace, you want to make sure you stay on top of how much gas is available. The guide below explains how to evaluate the meter to make sure you never run out.

How to Check Levels

Several factors play into how often you’ll need to get a refill. The first is the number of propane-using appliances in the house compared to the size of the tank. However, the ambient temperature may also impact the quantity used. 

propaneTo determine if you need a refill, check the gauge. It displays a number range from 10 to 80—the percentage of the tank filled. The lower this number is, the sooner you’ll need a refill. Track the propane gas levels for several weeks using this gauge so you can get an idea of your weekly consumption.

How to Refill It

If you have a portable propane tank, safely secure it to the car, keeping the windows down in case it leaks. Then take it to a local gas provider for a refill. For static tanks, you’ll need to call for propane delivery to come to your home. Alternatively, you can schedule auto-refill service. This way, the company will track the tank’s capacity and holdings for you to ensure you always have gas as needed.


If it’s time to refill your tank, turn to Guadalupe Gas Co. of New Braunfels, TX. They’ve served the area for over 70 years and handle all aspects of propane services, including refills, deliveries, and tank installation. Their team is committed to customer satisfaction, so call (830) 606-1877 with any questions. Learn about their auto-fill program online.

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