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The Basics of a Foundation Inspection February 15, 2019

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The Basics of a Foundation Inspection, Texarkana, Texas

Whether you are considering purchasing a property or are concerned about your current residence, a home inspection can set your mind at ease. One of the most crucial aspects that they will evaluate is the foundation, which lends structural support to the rest of the house. The guide below explains what this process entails.

What to Expect During a Foundation Inspection

Steps of the Process

Typically a home inspection that focuses on the foundation will take about an hour and a half. After asking questions about any damage the structure may have suffered, they will request information about the floor's elevation. This gives them a baseline against which they can compare damage. Once ascertained, the home inspector can begin the visual inspection.

The inspector will go over discoveries verbally and may make recommendations for improving the foundation’s strength. Homeowners should also receive a written report in a sealed envelope describing everything that was noted, in addition to a floor elevation map and recommendations for repair.

What Are They Looking For?

home inspectionsBoth the interior and exterior of the structure will be inspected for cracks and gaps. Walls will be checked to see if they are listing to the side or if their doors are separating from their frame. Home inspectors will also note any doors or windows that stick and floors that appear uneven. Additionally, they will observe landscaping features, the grading around the foundation, and the integrity of the gutters on the roof.

Excess moisture and standing water around the perimeter are clear indications of trouble since it means poor drainage or a plumbing problem that is weakening your foundation. A sinking or settling foundation will also be noted and will likely require the addition of piers to even out and lift the house.


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