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3 Reasons to Consider Funeral Service Pre-Planning February 7, 2019

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3 Reasons to Consider Funeral Service Pre-Planning, Chili, New York

Pre-planning a funeral service is the most effective way to ensure that your last wishes are followed and to alleviate your family of potential financial burdens. You may be asking yourself when the right time to pre-plan a funeral is. While there are no set rules, you can use the following as guidance.

When to Consider Pre-Planning a Funeral Service

1. Declining Health

If you’ve been living with an illness that has suddenly become life-threatening, you most likely have several medical decisions to make. It’s wise to consider pre-planning a funeral service if you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It provides a great sense of control, and a funeral director will work closely and patiently with you to ensure you’re comfortable and that all your wishes are met.

2. Aging

funeral service If you or a loved one is approaching an older age group, consider pre-planning. It doesn’t have to mean anything is wrong; it simply alleviates a burden and gives you one less thing to worry about. You can tailor it to your exact specifications—who you’d like to speak during the service, what attire you’d like guests to wear, what songs you want to be played, whether you’d like an open casket or not, and how you’d like your remains handled.

3. Peace of Mind

Funeral service pre-planning can be done at any age. If it’s something you want to get out of the way for peace of mind, do it at your leisure. You should be confident in the decisions you’ll make, however, so that you don’t find yourself revising your plans down the road. Think carefully and work with a family funeral home you feel comfortable with.



Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home are proud to offer funeral service pre-planning to their clients. They have served Rochester, NY, for over 40 years and are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive services. They understand the difficulty that comes with losing a loved one and will take every step to ensure their wishes are honored. Call (585) 426-7830 to schedule a consultation. You can visit their website to learn more about their services and funeral home.

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