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3 Top Signs Your Jacuzzi® Needs Repairs February 8, 2019

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3 Top Signs Your Jacuzzi® Needs Repairs, Enterprise, Alabama

A Jacuzzi® can provide a wonderful setting for relaxation in your home or yard. If it breaks down, you need to know who to call and what type of fix may be necessary so you can get it up and running as quickly as possible. In some cases, electrical repairs may be necessary. In others, you may need a plumbing contractor to fix the problem. Here are some of the common issues you should be aware of so you can get back to relaxing right away.

Look Out for These Common Plumbing & Electrical Repairs for Jacuzzis

1. Unheated Water

No one wants to sit in a lukewarm whirlpool spa. If yours isn’t getting up to the proper temperature, it may be due to a damaged thermostat, dirty filters, or a broken switch. First, check to make sure the filters don’t need to be replaced. If they’re clean and you’re still experiencing issues, the other components will need to be inspected for possible electrical repairs.

2. Leaks Around the Tub

electrical repairsIf your water level decreases significantly or you notice puddles around the tub, you may be dealing with a leak. This could be caused by cracks in the casing or holes in the pipes that lead to your hot tub. Call a plumbing contractor to find the exact source of the leak and replace the pipes or other components that are causing the leak.

3. Not Working at All

If none of the controls on your hot tub are working, you’re likely dealing with some broken electrical parts. First, make sure you didn’t trip the breaker, as this would be the easiest possible solution. If that’s not the problem, call an electrician to check the electrical components to see if there’s a voltage issue or if a particular component has overheated.


If you need any plumbing or electrical repairs for your Jacuzzi or hot tub, call Miller & Humphrey Plumbing & Electric in Enterprise, AL. The company offers a wide array of services, so you can trust the team to fix just about any electrical or plumbing issues you may have around your home. The family-owned and -operated company has been serving the community for more than 60 years, and the technicians provide personalized and friendly service to every customer. Learn more about the company’s services online or call (334) 347-9212 to request a technician.

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