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On What Grounds Can an Ohio Landlord Evict a Tenant? February 8, 2019

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On What Grounds Can an Ohio Landlord Evict a Tenant?, Granville, Ohio

One of the landlord’s primary tasks is keeping his or her building filled with responsible, rent-paying tenants. At times, the landlord may also be required to get rid of tenants—evicting them from the premises to make room for a new occupant. Evictions can be a necessary evil, and in some instances, the evicted party may seek legal action against the landlord. As such, it’s critical for landlords to make sure they know all the legal justifications for evicting tenants in the state of Ohio; and, to consult with a landlord representation lawyer should legal challenges arise.

Grounds for Evicting a Tenant in Ohio

1. Failing to Pay Rent

lawyerThe most common reason why tenants are evicted from their Ohio dwelling or apartment building is simply that they aren’t paying rent. The lease agreement made between the landlord and the tenant will stipulate how much rent is to be paid, and on what timetable; any lack of compliance can provide just cause for the termination of the lease agreement.

2. Illegal Activity in the Rental

Any time the tenant engages in illegal activity within the rental unit, that gives the landlord grounds for an eviction. The most common examples of this are making, using, or selling illegal drugs. Your lawyer can brief you on other types of illegal activity that may qualify.

3. Violation of the Lease Agreement

The landlord may also evict the tenant over any violations of the lease agreement’s stated terms. Bringing in unauthorized pets, engaging in unauthorized subletting, or housing extended guests can all count as violations of the lease, and may be grounds for eviction.


Evicting tenants is one of the most unpleasant parts of being a landlord—and sometimes, it may draw a legal challenge from the tenant. That’s when it becomes important to hire a landlord representation lawyer. A lawyer from Vernau Law LLC will happily represent you in such cases. The firm serves clients in Knox, Licking, Muskingum, and Franklin Counties; and their range of services includes estate planning, family law, landlord representation, and beyond. Call (740) 587-2637 or visit their website to schedule a consultation at their office in Granville, OH.

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