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4 Differences Between City & Country Driving You Should Know February 7, 2019

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4 Differences Between City & Country Driving You Should Know, Greece, New York

If you’re an avid driver who covers long distances in your car, it’s essential to know how to handle driving in urban settings versus rural ones, and have a trusted auto repair shop on the dial in case of sudden breakdowns, wherever you are. Whether you're passing through a bustling city or a sleepy country town, being mindful of the conditions listed below will help you get to your destination safely.

How Urban & Rural Driving Differ

1. Roads

auto repairAlthough the same rules apply on city and country roads, their construction and structure can be miles apart. Rural roads, especially in far-flung areas, have more unpaved surfaces, major bumps, and surprise potholes compared to a city’s thoroughfares. While they are often wider, some roads are unmarked and can lead up to driveways and sudden crossings. They can be treacherous at times, especially steep, winding mountain paths. Although city roads are fairly maintained, they are narrower and tend to be congested more often.   

2. Traffic

Because cities are relatively more populated than the countryside, there are more vehicles taking up space on urban roads. Traffic is heavier and moves slower in the city, more so during rush hour. Because city drivers tend to rapidly switch lanes to get ahead, the risk of car collisions is higher. Stop-and-go traffic is also frequent on urban roadways but rare in the countryside.  

3. Hazards

Wherever you drive, you’ll encounter dangers but of a different nature. City roads have safety features like street lights, traffic signs, speed bumps, and efficient emergency response for auto repairs or accidents. However, you also have to share the road with pedestrians, cyclists, trucks, and parked cars that reduce visibility while driving. On rural roads, you have to be alert for crossing pedestrian and livestock, particularly from farms and forests flanking the roadside.

4. Environment

The landscape of countryside is often similar and stretches out for miles, which can be hypnotic for some drivers. It’s easy to miss turns on unmarked, deserted roads, and before you know it, you’re lost in the middle of nowhere. Navigating a metropolis, on the other hand, is simpler because of the landmarks and highly visible signs.


No matter where you drive, it’s always a good idea to know a reliable auto repair shop in the area. If you’re in Rochester, NY, count on the experts at Griff’s Auto Service for your automotive needs. Their team of ASE®-certified technicians has been providing outstanding automobile repair and servicing in Monroe County for more than 30 years. They’ll also come to your rescue if you get stranded and your car needs towing. Call (585) 227-8700 today for auto repair or inquire via their website.

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