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3 Residential Moving Tips: How to Pack Glassware & Ceramics February 26, 2019

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3 Residential Moving Tips: How to Pack Glassware & Ceramics, Puyallup, Washington

From pianos to four-poster beds, a number of heavy objects in your home might be particularly challenging to pack during the residential moving process. However, some of your most vulnerable items are those you’d expect to be simple to pack up and move, like glassware and ceramic pieces. What’s the best way to prepare your delicate kitchen essentials for your relocation? Use the following three tips to ensure your glasses arrive to your new home safe and sound.

3 Tips for Packing Glassware & Ceramics When Moving to a New Home

1. Get the Right Supplies

For precious glass, like crystal vases or champagne flutes, it’s worth it to purchase specially designed boxes to transport these valuables. These boxes come with padded sides and built-in dividers, so every piece has a safe spot. Though the cushion provided by bubbled packing material insulates for additional security, if you have a large collection of everyday cups and mugs, tissue paper is a less bulky alternative that will take up less space in your boxes.

2. Tape Boxes With Caution

residential movingAs helpful as cardboard can be, it’s much more susceptible to breakage than hard plastic. To ensure the bottom flaps of your cardboard moving boxes don’t open mid-trip and release your fragile breakables, use this packing hack: Tape the bottom seam of the box as usual, then add a perpendicular strip of tape, forming a plus sign on the bottom of the box. Add extra support by also taping the ends of the second strip along the sides of the box.

3. Mind the Order

To save space and prevent breakage, make sure all of your boxes are packed in the correct order. The heaviest plates should go on the bottom, standing up on their sides. Next, wrap the bowls in tissue paper and lay them on top. Finally, crumble paper around each glass and tuck it into the center before laying them on their side. Finally, place the cups on top of everything else.


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